Laurel Kruke

What does sustainability mean to you?

To me, sustainability is about protecting our natural, physical, social, and economic environments so that future generations can have the resources and opportunities that we have today. Even small actions can have big impacts, so getting everyone involved in reducing carbon, protecting the environment, and strengthening our communities will make a difference.

What has been your greatest experience working towards a more sustainable Chicago?

I am excited about the work Illinois Green Alliance staff, members, and partners are doing to spread the message about energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in buildings around the city. We are working to make sure buildings in all of Chicago’s communities have support to meet their energy efficiency goals and improve their sustainability overall. For example, I love when I help someone discover what they can do to reduce energy in their facility and feel empowered to take action. There are wonderful people and organizations working to make Chicago a more sustainable city, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with these groups and contribute to that goal.