• Turn off lights in any rooms you’re not in.
  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Set your thermostat as high as possible during summer.
  • Improve energy efficiency at home by properly weatherizing and insulating.
  • Invest in solar panels.

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Waste + Recycling

  • Keep our streets and sewers clean—avoid littering.
  • Buy used items, and upcycle and donate older items as much as possible.
  • Check Chicago’s recycling guidelines.
  • Use reusable bottles, Tupperware, utensils (even straws!).
  • Just say no to wrapping paper with glitter.
  • Call 311 for free pick-up services: yard waste, appliances & furniture.
    Did You Know?: The City of Chicago offers free mulch from your yard waste.
  • FYI: If you live in a residential building with 4 units or fewer, your recycling provider is the City of Chicago's Streets and Sanitation Waste Management. Larger buildings use a third party contractor. Recycling rules vary by company. Popular local providers:

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  • Skip the car, save on gas, and support the Chicago Transit Authority.
  • Buy local: Not only is buying local a great way to support area businesses, it is a simple way to decrease your carbon footprint! Your carbon footprint includes the supply chain process of goods you purchase.
  • Opt to take public transit, bike, and walk as often as you can.

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Food + Compost

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Green Space + Stewardship

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Emergency Preparedness

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